Visual Music Sheet Maker

An online tool to create music sheets for Sky: Children of the Light

This website is mostly intended to people who cannot or don't want to run the Python command-line program.

Don't forget to test the Discord version. To call the Visual Sheet Bot from any channel, type: !song .

The tool is open to anonymous visitors, but their song will be deleted after 20 min of inactivity. Registered users can store their songs (up to ~14 for now), and choose to make them visible to everyone or keep them private. We advise to download song files on your computer, because big files (> 1Mb) from inactive users (no login since 15 days) will be deleted.

When you are done with a song, you are encouraged to share it on our main Sky-Music website, where it will be checked, stamped, and laid out in a pretty format:


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Help with your account can be obtained by e-mail at: skymusicwebsite __at__

All other questions can be asked on our Discord forum.

If you're sure you've found a bug in the music sheet maker, you can report it at our github repository.

This website is not endorsed by the game editor (tgc), so please do not contact them for help.



This website only stores 1 cookie in your browser, with your session ID. This is required to make your song creation process invisible to other users.
Your user account is stored in a local database and the password is encrypted (even for the admins). No personal information is collected beyond what you willingly entered by signing up (such as your name and e-mail address).
Your songs are stored in a local database. Unless you have registered a user account, they will be erased after your session expires.
More legal details here.


This website relies on the Django framework.
It is hosted by as a free personal account for jmmelko.
The Visual Music Sheet Maker is based on the Python program written by Tracey and jmmelko, hosted on Github at this adress: